If you notice these 7 signs, you’re dealing with a control freak


1. They resist change

Controlling individuals resist change, adhering to a "don't fix what isn't broken" mentality, even when things are faulty; their inflexible approach extends to new methods, often dismissing them, like my girlfriend's dad who blankets the internet as a "scam" due to his lack of understanding, illustrating how unfamiliar concepts are rejected in their need for control.

2. They micro-manage

A tip for future business endeavors: Micromanaging, where a controlling person involves themselves in every minor workplace decision due to mistrust in others' capabilities, quickly distances and demoralizes staff.

3. They can be very inflexible

Once the controller forms an opinion, it's extremely challenging to sway them, reflecting an "all or nothing" stance, exemplified by cases like overbearing parents disowning children for unconventional relationships, highlighting how rigid perspectives can lead to an abuse of power and toxic control.

4. They have an excessive need for updates

If valuing independence, avoid a controlling partner who surveils your activities, interrogates you like the FBI, fearing your autonomy and relationships, as this suffocating behavior tends to drive partners away.

5. They use guilt to manipulate 

When asserting yourself, a controller may react adversely, using guilt as a manipulation tactic by assuming the victim role and distorting reality; if your intuition raises concerns, take a stand, as controllers persist in negative behaviors if unchecked.

6. They make decisions for you 

A controlling person's lack of respect is evident through their desire to strip your individuality by fostering dependence, often making decisions for you without consultation, reminiscent of rigid parents who disregard their child's autonomy in crucial life choices.

7. They are over-dependent on routines

Controlling individuals gravitate toward their own rigid sense of order, displaying discomfort and irritation when faced with deviations, exemplified by my grandfather's fixed meal times and requirement for 100% attendance during family trips, showcasing their controlling nature.

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