If you do these 6 things, you’re an expert at practicing gratitude


1. You feel it spontaneously

Encouraging people to feel grateful is insincere as genuine gratitude arises spontaneously from deep within, after acknowledging and working through negative emotions and inner conflicts.  

2. You allow full honesty

To practice gratitude, it is essential to be honest with yourself, accept your emotions and experiences without judgment, and cultivate an inner awareness of blessings without forcing yourself to feel grateful. 

3. You look honestly at others

To cultivate gratitude, it's important to avoid confirmation bias and silence the story in your head by looking honestly at others and acknowledging that, as humans, we tend to prioritize our own experiences and filter out the struggles of those around us. 

4. You delete the narrative

To cultivate gratitude, it's important to avoid black-and-white thinking, compare yourself to others less, and realize that many people are struggling more than you may imagine, and dismissing them as irrelevant only disempowers yourself. 

5. You don’t seek recognition for your gratitude

Many online demonstrations of gratitude can come across as insincere and about boosting one's ego, rather than being a true reflection of gratitude, which is not a contest and is worth experiencing for its own sake without seeking validation on social media. 

6. You bring your gratitude into action 

Gratitude goes beyond being a feeling and encompasses actions such as giving back to others without expecting anything in return, being there for friends and family during difficult times, and finding joy in helping others. 

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