If you can relate to these 7 feelings, you’re probably an introvert


1. You feel relieved about no weekend plans

Imagine a bustling workweek filled with long hours, constant interactions, and social commitments, then envision a weekend with no plans - if the prospect of such solitude brings you relief, you're likely an introvert who values moments of personal recharging.

2. You can’t wait to get home from work

Contrary to misconceptions, being an introvert doesn't imply being unsociable, but rather having a finite socializing capacity before needing solitary recharge; after a day of work interactions, the idea of further socializing can be draining for introverts.

3. You run out of energy while socializing, at the flick of a switch

Each of us possesses a "social battery" - extroverts recharge among others while introverts recharge in solitude, sometimes evident when introverts suddenly struggle to engage after socializing, indicating their battery depletion.

4. You feel exhausted at the idea of plans every night

As an introvert, the mere thought of constant nightly plans exhausts me; my extroverted friends thrive in perpetual activity, yet I cherish moments for relaxation and personal pursuits.

5. You love the idea of going somewhere alone

Engaging in solitary activities like reading, visiting galleries, watching movies, or strolling through parks brings a refreshing and joyful sense of relaxation to introverts, making it a perfect way to spend free time.

6. You’re not currently dating

Introverts, like myself, can happily be in relationships, but many of us naturally gravitate towards other introverts as we age; for instance, one of my friends is even more introverted than I am and has embraced her preference for solitude by choosing to stay single, finding contentment in the companionship of herself.

7. After several days with someone, you can’t wait to spend time alone

The prospect of a week-long vacation with someone, sharing living spaces and engaging in constant activities, is an absolute nightmare for my friend who struggles in relationships; if this resonates with you, your introverted tendencies are likely to be strong.

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