If someone’s doing these 7 things, they’re probably having a midlife crisis


1. Intense self-examination and questioning decisions

The first and most glaring sign of a midlife crisis is intense self-examination, where you question past decisions, careers, relationships, and ponder your life's purpose, creating a prolonged period of reassessment and an opportunity for change.

2. Significant mood swings or emotional instability

Navigating a midlife crisis has led to emotional rollercoaster rides, with moments of enthusiasm and despair, challenging my typically level-headed disposition, and this emotional instability can serve as a catalyst for confronting underlying issues.

3. Dramatic changes in relationships

I began questioning my relationships, wondering if they were based on true connection rather than habit, and even my closest family bonds started feeling different, but this is an opportunity to strengthen your circle with those who truly matter to you.

4. Fixating on looks and health

Noticing wrinkles and gray hairs, I found myself researching skincare and considering a gym membership, realizing that concern about appearance and health often arises during a midlife crisis as a way to regain some control in an uncertain phase of life.

5. Taking big risks on a whim

Making impulsive decisions like signing up for a skydiving experience or changing habits can be a red flag during a midlife crisis, signaling a desire to prove youthfulness and adventure, but it's important to assess the underlying motivations and potential consequences.

6. Seeking a new passion or purpose

Exploring new hobbies and contemplating a career change can signal a midlife phase where previous interests lose their appeal, akin to a second adolescence, offering an opportunity for discovering newfound joy or purpose.

7. Overthinking time and legacy

Thinking more about leaving a legacy, pursuing bucket list items, and worrying about how you'll be remembered are indicators of a midlife crisis, marked by a heightened awareness of time and legacy.

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