If someone has these 9 character traits, you can trust them completely


1. They’re authentic

Authenticity is a key trait of trustworthy individuals like my friend Claire, who consistently remains true to herself regardless of the setting or people around, never altering her behavior to impress others, and this genuineness, along with transparency, makes them valuable connections to cherish.

2. They’re consistent

Trustworthy individuals maintain a consistent character and set of values, eliminating the need for pretense or adaptation, and their reliability extends beyond words to actions, ensuring they are consistently present and dependable.

3. They make you feel relaxed

The comfort and ease experienced around trustworthy individuals stem from their own relaxed and genuine nature, as they prioritize creating a safe space where you can freely express yourself, fostering a relationship free of excessive scrutiny and imbued with genuine care.

4. They value relationships over opportunities

Trustworthy individuals are not driven by hidden motives or personal gain when establishing relationships, as they genuinely value the connection and actively strive to treat others well, even in the absence of any reciprocal benefits, fostering a safe and enduring space for friendship.

5. They’re loyal

Trustworthy individuals with integrity prioritize loyalty, refraining from gossip, betrayal, and abandonment, offering a secure and unwavering support system.

6. They follow through on their promises 

Trustworthy people keep their promises and take responsibility for their actions, recognizing that words alone hold little value without corresponding follow-through.

7. They hold themselves accountable

Trustworthy people own their mistakes, face consequences, and uphold a strong moral compass, while those who evade responsibility break trust.

8. They’re honest, even when it hurt

Trustworthy people's honesty, even in uncomfortable situations, showcases their respect, builds trust, and fosters deeper connections.

9. They know they don’t know everything

Trustworthy people's humility prevents them from pretending to have all the answers, offering genuine advice based on personal experience or expertise, and finding a trustworthy friend may involve being one yourself.

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