If someone displays these 9 traits, they’re a truly thoughtful person


1. They remember little things about you

Thoughtful gestures, such as remembering preferences, following up on events, or fulfilling desires, indicate a person's attentiveness and consideration in relationships and friendships, as highlighted by Psych Central's research.  

2. They keep little lists about you

A truly thoughtful person not only remembers things about you but also takes the extra step of writing them down, ensuring they never forget, as exemplified by an ex-boyfriend who kept lists of your preferences to bring you joy when you needed it most. 

3. They think about you and how you might be feeling

Thoughtful individuals demonstrate their care both in basic gestures and significant actions, such as helping you prepare for a job interview, ensuring your well-being, and finding subtle ways to ease your stress during challenging times. 

4. They question you (in a good way) if something seems off

Questioning your words or actions can indicate thoughtfulness, such as a partner noticing changes and asking about your well-being, while negative questioning contradicts thoughtful behavior. 

5. They consider how their actions affect others

Thoughtful individuals consider the impact of their actions on others, both in the present and future, weighing decisions that may affect shared responsibilities like childcare or evening plans, and are willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of others, including you. 

6. They don’t assume the bill is split evenly

A thoughtful person avoids assuming you'll cover their expenses and instead offers to pay more for their portion of the bill, giving you the choice to split evenly or accept their offer. 

7. They remember what they owe you (and make efforts to pay you back)

Money is crucial in relationships, and a thoughtful person recognizes their debts and repays them promptly without needing reminders. 

8. They return the favor

Keeping score of favors and expecting something in return is unhealthy in relationships, but it is appreciated when people remember and reciprocate gestures of kindness, like making breakfast in return or offering to drive after being chauffeured.  

9. They say thank you

A clear sign of thoughtfulness is when someone notices and appreciates the things you've done for them, expressing gratitude with a simple thank you, which has a significant positive impact on relationship quality and longevity, as supported by Study Finds. 

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