If someone displays these 6 behaviors, they’re probably hiding something


1. They share too little

My ex-coworker, who was known for her constant chatter, suddenly became silent and started excluding me, signaling that she was hiding significant information about our company downsizing, highlighting a clear sign of someone concealing something when they become tight-lipped and distant.

2. They share too much

Sometimes, when people are hiding something, they use the tactic of oversharing or excessive kindness as a diversion strategy, similar to how we'd ramble to our parents as kids to avoid trouble, but in a more sophisticated way as adults, making it important to be cautious and curious when someone goes to great lengths to overwhelm you with niceness.

3. They withdraw emotionally 

A classic sign that someone's hiding something is when they become emotionally thrifty, particularly with close friends or partners, reducing expressions of affection and intimacy, signaling a change in the relationship dynamic and possibly concealing something significant.

4. They withdraw physically, too 

People trying to conceal a secret often avoid being around you to reduce the risk of revealing it, and if you notice a consistent pattern of excuses not to meet in person, avoiding plans, coming home late, or last-minute cancellations, your suspicions may be valid, but it's important to address the issue with a heart-to-heart conversation to maintain trust and support in the relationship.

5. They become a spark in a tinderbox 

People who keep secrets often become voluntarily irritable and aggressive, using fights as a smokescreen to hide their guilt or concealed emotions, suggesting they may need support rather than confrontation.

6. Their body language changes 

Some people, when trying to hide secrets, may display signs like nervousness, fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, and changes in speech.

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