If a woman displays these 5 behaviors, she probably lacks self-esteem


1. She’s a people-pleaser personified 

Society continues to impose outdated gender roles, making women more susceptible to the dangers of people-pleasing, but breaking free from these roles and building self-worth requires both individual effort and societal change, according to therapist Teyhou Smyth.

2. She doesn’t set boundaries because she’s afraid of burning bridges 

Allowing toxic individuals into one's life signals a problem with setting boundaries, which can include interacting with harmful ex-partners and letting others exert control, and the key to healthy relationships lies in confidently establishing and maintaining these boundaries, as emphasized by actresses Tamara Mowrey-Howsley and Traci Ellis Ross.

3. Accepting compliments makes her feel uncomfortable

I used to struggle with accepting compliments, which could be tied to how I was raised and my self-image, and Jennifer Banks of Medium suggests that many women share this experience due to insecurities and the fear of expectations that can come with compliments.

4. She constantly compares herself to other women 

Amid societal pressures and the influence of media, particularly social platforms like Instagram, women often compare themselves to others, which can lead to unhappiness with their appearance; however, it's important to recognize the prevalence of filters and image manipulation, embrace one's uniqueness, and find pride in personal heritage, while maintaining a healthy level of self-care.

5. She is almost always anxious 

Women often grapple with anxiety due to societal pressures, the balancing act between home and work, and the burden of various responsibilities, which can lead to self-criticism, negative self-talk, and low self-esteem, making therapy a valuable resource for improving self-concept.

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