1. You're convinced that you have "bad luck"

Confirmation bias is the tendency to focus on confirming beliefs and rejecting opposing evidence, leading to a strong conviction in one's beliefs even if they are proven wrong, which increases the likelihood of seeing more of what one believes. 

2. You're not aligned with your true self

Living a life that's not in alignment with one's authentic self can make it difficult to succeed, but this can be changed with active effort.

3. You haven't formed good habits

Believing in luck and living in alignment with one's authentic self is not enough to prevent bad things from happening, as developing good habits is necessary for success, such as putting in effort towards passions or practicing self-discipline. 

4. You have formed BAD habits

Forming good habits is crucial for success, as having bad habits can lead to abrupt and dangerous consequences, including addiction, self-harm, harming others, and sabotaging work and dreams, which may be attributed to bad luck. 

5. You're surrounded by the wrong kind of people

Being surrounded by negative people or growing up in an abusive environment can contribute to a string of bad luck, so it is important to evaluate whether or not you are responsible for the negativity in your life. 

6. You're just not in the right place

Your environment and socioeconomic status can greatly affect your well-being, and what you perceive as "misfortune" may simply be due to living in a place that is not as great as others. 

7. You're hooked to bad circumstances

You can become addicted to being in bad circumstances, and end up unconsciously putting yourself in that position, leading to repeatedly dealing with the same negative things. 

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