How to focus more on yourself:  10 steps to self-growth

BY Tina Fey

1. Keep a daily journal

Not only does journaling help with clarity, but it allows you to get thoughts out that might otherwise turn into frustrations or snappy comments towards others!

2. Do things you love

As you spend more time doing things that really light you up and excite you, you’ll strengthen your understanding of yourself and discover what really matters to you.

3. Learn something new 

Simply put, learning always encourages more focus on yourself and it supercharges personal growth.

4. Spend time by yourself

We suggest starting with blocking out entire evenings just for yourself, where you can do exactly what you want to do.

5. Connect with your past and present

If you want to really focus on yourself: connect with what has been and what is.

6. Make time for meditation

Meditation allows you to check-in with where you’re really at and to see how you’re feeling about things.

7. Up your self-care

Bringing in more self-care to your life will help you exponentially on your growth journey.

8. Exercise

As you push yourself through exercise, you’ll begin to realize what your potential is and it will strengthen your belief in yourself. 

9. Spend more time in nature

Prioritize more time in the tranquility of nature and less time surrounded by city lights.

10. Get comfortable saying ‘no’

Not only might it cause you a lot of stress you could avoid, but it will mean that you’re not focusing on yourself!

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