How to detach yourself from the world

BY Tina Fey

1. Identify your boundaries

Once you figure out your boundaries for detachment, you can pinpoint which specific areas of your life you’ll need to walk away from. 

2. Shut down the noise of social media

While it’s great for connecting with people, too much social media can be damaging to mental health.

3. Say no to consumerist culture

We’re bombarded with ads and messages telling us we need more stuff to be happy. But the truth is, material possessions can be a source of stress and anxiety. 

4. Declutter your space

Try decluttering your space and living a more minimalist lifestyle. You’ll be surprised how freeing it can feel to let go of things you don’t need.

5. Free your mind spiritually

Now, letting go doesn’t just apply to physical stuff you own. It also applies, and perhaps more importantly, to negative feelings within you. 

6. Commit to a daily meditation practice

It gives you a sense of peace, calm, and balance, which are all important if you want to feel attuned to yourself.  

7. Know your own worth

Your worth does not depend on the things you do or the things that happen to you. 

8. Let go of other people’s expectations

If you want to save your sanity and live a meaningful life, you’ve got to be yourself. You need to live a life that’s true to you.

9. Accept the things you can’t control

You have to accept that you can’t control everything. 

10. Limit exposure to negative news

We don’t mean that you should be completely unaware of the issues going on. But it does help to have a healthy level of consumption when it comes to the news. 

11. Engage in unplugged activities

You’ll have more energy to be creative and focus on things you like doing, whether that’s art, sports, cooking, or reading. 

12. Spend time in nature

A study on ICU patients found that spending time outdoors, surrounded by nature, reduced stress significantly. 

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