Happy people do these 7 things to boost their mood


1. They get playful

Embracing playfulness and staying connected to our inner child contributes to consistent good moods, as happy people incorporate elements of adventure, creativity, and collecting into their lives, reminding us to let loose and not take everything too seriously.

2. They exercise

Even small amounts of exercise, beyond traditional forms like running or going to the gym, can significantly boost mood and decrease the risk of depression and anxiety, as happy people find joy in active hobbies and being up and about rather than being sedentary.

3. They eat well

Research suggests a link between the gut microbiome and mood, as imbalances in bacterial levels have been associated with mood disorders, but happy people prioritize a varied and colorful diet that provides energy, immunity, and satisfaction without letting restrictive diets dictate their lives.

4. They set realistic goals

Happy people excel at goal setting by setting realistic big goals for the future and small goals for their everyday life, working towards accomplishing them and finding fulfillment in tracking their progress, while also maintaining a balanced schedule to avoid feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

5. They help those around them

Happy people naturally engage in acts of altruism and helping others without self-centered motives, finding joy in lightening someone else's load and benefiting from the positive impact it has on their own mood and well-being, as the secret to happiness is often found in helping others.

6. They immerse themselves in nature

Being outdoors, whether through grounding practices like walking barefoot or simply spending time in nature, is a powerful tool for boosting mood and promoting happiness, as studies suggest that electrical charges from the earth can have positive effects on our well-being, and many naturally happy individuals find joy in nature walks or spending time outside.

7. They go where they are wanted (and where they want to go)

Happy people prioritize enjoying what they do on a daily basis and surrounding themselves with positive influences, pursuing their passions and blending them with their careers, while also maintaining a balance between their own dreams and responsibilities, letting go of relationships that compromise their happiness.

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