9 things smart people never, ever do


1. They never try to please others

Smart individuals never attempt to seek validation from others because it is both a time-consuming endeavor and unnecessary; instead, they focus on continually surpassing their own standards and being the best version of themselves. 

2. They never rely on luck 

Smart individuals never rely on luck alone, understanding the necessity of hard work and avoiding shortcuts or uncertain obligations that may arise from seeking favors. 

3. They never procrastinate (even when they want to)

Smart people never procrastinate, prioritizing goals over distractions and finding creative ways to balance productivity with enjoyment. 

4. They never take things for granted

Smart people never take their achievements for granted, staying hungry for success and using reminders to stay motivated. 

5. They never let the past define them

Smart individuals refuse to let past failures define their future, recognizing that growth and new experiences are only possible by embracing and learning from failure, encouraging others to take control of their lives and move forward. 

6. They never run away from challenges

Smart individuals embrace challenges and actively seek opportunities outside their comfort zones, driven by the desire to live life to the fullest, knowing that overcoming fear and solving problems builds resilience and leads to personal growth. 

7. They never gossip (who likes that?)

Smart individuals never engage in gossip, recognizing its empty nature and instead opting to spend their time seeking valuable information and knowledge, prioritizing learning and personal growth over indulging in drama and idle chatter. 

8. They never interrupt when others are speaking

Smart individuals, as good communicators, avoid gossip and interruptions, valuing direct conversations, active listening, and mutual learning. 

9. They never look down on others

Contrary to expectations, smart individuals exhibit humility and never look down on others, recognizing the continuous potential for learning and treating everyone equally, often using their knowledge to support and uplift others in pursuing their aspirations. 

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