BY Tina Fey

1. Lightworkers can take the pain

Lightworkers can be found in various forms in the real world, working to transform pain and suffering in themselves and others, focusing on healing trauma and the shadow self. 

2. Lightworkers know their own shadow

Lightworkers help people face their shadow selves and understand pain by acknowledging their own shadow self and communicating respectfully. 

3. Lightworkers don't always work in a spiritual job

Lightworkers can be found in many different jobs, and people trust and look up to them due to their healing energy and ability to defuse stressful situations. 

4. Lightworkers connect people and bring healing energy

Lightworkers connect people together, provide trust and authenticity, and bring healing energy to communities, workplaces, families, and relationships. 

5. Lightworkers don't seek riches and fame

Seek true spiritual teachers who encourage growth and authenticity and avoid those who take advantage of their spiritual gifts, pretend to be lightworkers, and use their position for personal gain. 

6. Lightworkers are made, not born

Lightworkers are not born but made through conscious choices and actions taken in life, becoming a lightworker step by step, arising and claiming their place as a bringer of light often during very difficult life circumstances. 

7. Lightworkers help open doors for others

Gatekeeper lightworkers help others open doors to their spiritual journey, introducing them to their spiritual potential and providing a secure space to embrace it. 

8. Lightworkers help you accept and heal the pain deep inside

Lightworkers include healers who provide emotional, psychological, and physical relief to help people heal blocked energy and counterproductive trauma trapped inside them, actively assisting them in finding inner peace. 

9. Lightworkers bring messages from beyond the veil

Guide lightworkers can connect with spirits and caution is needed to avoid those who may misuse their abilities; genuine ones tend to be humble and not motivated by money. 

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