9 surprising traits of a dark empath


1. They’re totally charming

Beware of charismatic dark empaths who gain trust through charm and use it to exploit others, as exemplified by a personal experience of encountering a LinkedIn connection who sought confidential information for competitive advantage. 

2. They’re extremely manipulative 

Beware of dark empaths who exploit human psychology, as exemplified by a personal experience of encountering a stranger offering free therapy sessions in London, which quickly turned aggressive and manipulative. 

3. They’re highly adaptable 

Dark empaths possess the dangerous skill of adapting their personalities to match those around them, seamlessly gaining trust and making it challenging to see their true intentions, all rooted in a lack of genuine empathy. 

4. They lack genuine empathy 

Beware of dark empaths who mask their unpleasant true nature with kindness and empathy, as they can be ruthless con artists pursuing their goals through manipulation and contrived empathy. 

5. They possess a Machiavellian mindset

Dark empaths discard morals in favor of personal gain, manipulating and scheming their way to the top, even resorting to outmaneuvering or eliminating rivals, displaying a power-hungry nature reminiscent of iconic movie villains. 

6. They always plan ahead 

Dark empaths are skilled in calculated manipulation, always staying ahead and seeking power and control, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection and avoiding toxic habits, as explored in an enlightening video on spirituality by shaman Rudá Iandé. 

7. They regularly display a lack of remorse

Dark empaths, devoid of guilt or remorse, manipulate and exploit others without experiencing the burden of sympathy or responsibility, showing a sociopathic ability to detach emotionally and likely disregarding the impact of their actions on victims. 

8. They are emotional vampires

Dark empaths, akin to blood-thirsty vampires, feed off others' emotions and actively seek out chaotic scenarios to satisfy their thirst for disharmony, necessitating the removal of these toxic individuals from your life. 

9. They’re hardcore narcissists 

Dark empaths exhibit an inflated sense of self-importance, craving attention, admiration, and validation while prioritizing their own needs, and in extreme cases, may delude themselves into assuming a god-like status. 

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