9 signs you’re an intellectual at heart who cherishes deep conversation


1. Small talk turns you off

If you are frequently disengaged by excessive small talk and find it difficult to maintain interest in conversations that lack substance, it may be a sign that you are an intellectual. 

2. Deep subjects pique your interest

As an intellectual, you seek meaningful conversations that connect seemingly unrelated themes, and you are fascinated by topics such as the impact of technological growth on mental health and the effects of AI on society. 

3. You’d rather have an interesting disagreement…

As an intellectual, you appreciate intense and emotionally charged conversations, including disagreements, because you find them interesting and value the insights and discussions that arise from them. 

4. …Than a boring agreement

Respectful disagreement is preferred over boring agreement for deeper conversations, even in a group setting, as it can be healthy and interesting. 

5. You love healthy debate

A healthy debate, characterized by mutual respect, rational argumentation, and active listening, can sharpen critical thinking skills, particularly when asked to convincingly represent both sides of contentious issues or dilemmas.  

6. You investigate and research on your own

As an intellectual who cherishes deep conversations, you investigate and research on your own to bring up interesting topics during conversations, as you value being prepared and having natural curiosity even when not engaged in conversation. 

7. And bring up what you find out in conversations

As an intellectual who loves deep conversations, you bring your own perspectives to bear and favor psychology and philosophy, acknowledging that the questions we ask are often as important as the answers we reach.  

8. You love hearing different life experiences and perspectives

As an intellectual, you value diverse perspectives and recognize that interesting insights can come from anyone, regardless of outer markers. 

9. You’re open to hearing perspectives you find weird but interesting

Deep conversations can come from anyone, and true conversationalists value the most authentic and fascinating perspectives, often from ordinary folks working hard and struggling at the bottom. 

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