9 signs you’re a great friend (even if it doesn’t feel like it)


1. You’re present (and not just on social media)

Friendship in today's online world goes beyond superficial social media interactions, as a great friend is genuinely invested in knowing their friend's experiences and emotions, making an effort to connect offline, initiating in-person hangouts, regularly checking in, and providing support when needed.

2. You value their time 

Maintaining long-term friendships as you get older can be challenging, but great friends understand the busyness of life, prioritize your friendship, and communicate honestly about their availability, ensuring they don't disappear or leave you hanging for extended periods of time.

3. You let them be themselves

Great friends create a safe space where you don't feel the need to perform or hide aspects of yourself, allowing you and your friends to be authentic, whether it's showcasing your hobbies and quirks or opening up about mental health struggles, fostering an environment of trust and acceptance.

4. You’re empathetic to their own struggles, even if they don’t match your own 

Demonstrating empathy by putting yourself in your friend's shoes, even when you haven't personally experienced their struggles, and making an effort to understand and support them emotionally is a significant display of friendship.

5. You’re honest and call them out when they’re in the wrong

A great friend values honesty and doesn't blindly support you when you're wrong, politely addressing moral conflicts and encouraging appropriate behavior, even presenting evidence when necessary, but is always there for you when you need them.

6.  You have their back 

Being a great friend means being honest and not blindly supporting your friend when they're wrong, but it also means being willing to support them unconditionally and face potential consequences when they truly need you, such as informing them about a partner's infidelity, or defending them against criticism and gossip even in their absence.

7. You keep their secrets

Being a trustworthy friend involves not engaging in gossip about your friend, standing against it, and maintaining the utmost confidentiality when entrusted with their secrets, creating a safe space for open sharing and ensuring their information remains secure.

8. You’re able to apologize when you’re the one in the wrong

A great friend acknowledges their mistakes, apologizes with humility, and prioritizes the friendship over their ego, even in situations where emotions run high and disagreements occur, demonstrating self-awareness and a commitment to maintaining a strong bond.

9. You aim to make each other the best version of yourselves

Great friends recognize the inherent greatness in each other and strive to support and uplift their friends by embracing their best qualities, being aware of their insecurities, and offering gentle support and encouragement to improve self-esteem, fostering a deep understanding and connection in the process.

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