9 signs you’re a genuinely non-judgemental person


1. You’re self-aware

Acknowledging our flaws and biases through self-awareness can help us become less judgmental by approaching others with humility and an open mind, leading to personal growth and an understanding that our views aren't always correct. 

2. You don’t jump to conclusions

Non-judgmental people show maturity and self-awareness by avoiding knee-jerk reactions and negative thoughts or talk about people, instead taking the time to gather information and consider multiple perspectives before forming an opinion. 

3. You avoid gossip and negative talk

Non-judgmental people avoid gossip and negative talk, choosing to focus on uplifting conversations that build connections and maintain a positive and respectful environment. 

4. You’re a fantastic listener

Non-judgmental people prioritize making meaningful connections and excel at listening, giving others the space to express themselves without interruption and genuinely interested in what others have to say. 

5. You ask open-ended questions

Non-judgmental people ask open-ended questions to get people sharing their thoughts and feelings, showing that they value people's perspectives, asking insightful questions to gain a deeper understanding and empathy. 

6. You practice empathy

Non-judgmental people practice empathy by putting themselves in others' shoes and connecting with them on a deeper level, even if they are different, showing kindness and respect instead of listening to baseless assumptions. 

7. You’re comfortable with ambiguity

Non-judgmental people embrace ambiguity, understand that the world is complex, and accept that differing opinions and viewpoints exist, remaining open-minded and receptive to shades of gray, rather than black and white solutions. 

8. You’re curious about other people’s experiences

Non-judgmental people are genuinely curious about other people's experiences and perspectives, seeking to learn from them rather than impose their own beliefs, making people feel comfortable around them. 

9. You believe in the potential for change

Non-judgmental people are hopeful and choose to believe that people have the capacity to change and grow, rejecting the notion that people don't change and putting them in boxes of "good" and "bad", thus being a positive force in the world. 

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