9 signs someone is a genuine free spirit (not just a reckless party animal)

BY tina fey

1. They value authenticity

True free spirits prioritize authenticity, like my friend Jack who chose environmental conservation over a lucrative corporate job, showing that staying true to oneself matters more than societal expectations.

2. Freedom is their mantra

Free spirits, like the protagonist in 'Into the Wild,' choose to live in alignment with their personal beliefs and values, valuing their freedom above all else, even in the face of inevitable challenges, without being reckless.

3. They are not afraid to stand alone

Free spirits are secure in themselves, comfortable standing alone, and attract others with their magnetic personalities, like my neighbor Lily, a solo traveler who celebrates her independence and enjoys meaningful connections.

4. They embrace change

Genuine free spirits embrace change as an opportunity for growth, exemplified by digital nomads who embody adaptability and flexibility as they move across countries, embracing new cultures and ways of living, viewing each location as a chance to learn and evolve.

5. Their curiosity knows no bounds

True free spirits, like the renowned scientist Albert Einstein, embody endless curiosity, always seeking to learn, explore, and question established notions, making remarkable contributions to the world and shaping our understanding of the universe.

6. They follow their intuition

Free spirits, like Steve Jobs, trust their intuition and have a strong inner compass that guides their decisions, even if they appear unconventional at the time, leading them to forge successful paths in life.

7. They nurture their creativity

Creativity is the essence of a genuine free spirit, as exemplified by Georgia O'Keeffe, whose revolutionary approach to art, focusing on painting objects up close, demonstrated a complete alignment with her creative spirit and resonated with millions.

8. They love without restriction

Free spirits love deeply and genuinely, embracing people for who they truly are without seeking to change them, offering an unrestricted and accepting form of love rooted in understanding and appreciation of individuality.

9. They value experiences over possessions

Free spirits prioritize experiences over possessions, valuing memories, connections, and personal growth, as seen in the rise of minimalism and the preference for backpacking adventures among Millennials and Gen Z.

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