8 ways to show you love someone without saying a word


1. Surprise them!

Show you care without scaring them by surprising them with thoughtful gestures, like a clean kitchen after a tiring week or bringing their favorite meal, reminding them that they are cared for even when apart, and that you cherish their presence in your life.

2. Listen to them intently.

What truly makes someone feel loved is spending time with them, engaging in shared hobbies or creative projects, and providing a non-judgmental and attentive listening space where they can be themselves and feel valued.

3. Remember things about them.

Demonstrate attentive listening by remembering little details and reading between the lines, creatively surprising them with thoughtful gestures that show you care and are willing to go the extra mile in the relationship.

4. Show them patience.

To truly love someone, it's essential to have self-worth, be patient, and commit to someone who appreciates and embraces both your strengths and flaws, supporting your authentic growth and trusting in your journey.

5. Trust them.

Before investing deeply in someone, ask yourself if they reciprocate your love and trust, and cherish those who show trust by being vulnerable, sharing life, and taking emotional risks for a closer connection.

6. Encourage their growth.

Believe in their growth, show pride in their achievements, maintain a balance in the relationship through personal development, and grow together to foster a positive and confident love shared on the same level of maturity.

7. Be consistent with them.

Proving consistent love requires taking care of oneself to avoid pouring from an empty cup, as inconsistent and wishy-washy behavior can lead to unhealthy mindreading and instability in relationships.

8. Fight and defend their uniqueness.

Integrate it with other ways of loving someone by supporting their new endeavors, keeping negativity to yourself, and defending them when they're spoken ill of behind their back, showing unwavering love and loyalty.

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