8 ways to ask a guy out that makes it hard for him to say no


1. Build connection first

My friend stresses the importance of establishing a genuine connection before considering asking him out, aiming for a natural rapport through shared interests, inside jokes, or simple smiles as it often proves more memorable than grand gestures, following the idea that you should be friends before anything more to make asking him out a natural progression.

2. Use humor

My friend swears by using humor to make a lasting impression, as it eases tension, turns awkwardness into comfort, and sets the stage for a more relaxed interaction, emphasizing the importance of being spontaneous and natural with humor when asking someone out.

3. Incorporate his hobbies or interests

My friend strategically connects with a guy's interests to make her invitation to a date compelling and hard to resist, demonstrating genuine interest in what he's passionate about.

4. Use the power of food

My friend believes in using food to create memorable date experiences by suggesting unique dining options, making the invitation hard to resist.

5. Keep it casual

My friend believes in the power of casual and low-pressure date invitations, making it easy to say "yes" and creating a relaxed environment for natural chemistry to shine.

6. Make it a group thing

My friend eases the pressure of one-on-one dates by starting with group activities, providing a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and laying the groundwork for future one-on-one dates.

7. Ask for his help or expertise

My friend cleverly asks for a guy's expertise or assistance in something she genuinely needs help with, making him feel like a hero and creating a meaningful shared experience that's hard to turn down.

8. Give him the space to ask *you* out

My friend strikes a balance between assertiveness and mystery by subtly planting the idea of a date and letting him take the initiative, making him feel confident in pursuing her.

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