8 surprising signs you’re a natural problem solver


1. You’re always planning ahead

Problem solvers love planning, thrive in control, and mobilize others, avoiding plan failures. 

2. You enjoy multitasking

Problem solvers find motivation in multitasking, scheduling, and productivity, using tools such as spreadsheets, unlike those who prefer focusing on a single task. 

3. You consider yourself a perfectionist

Problem solvers leverage perfectionism for efficiency and effective solutions but prioritize planning and avoid excessive perfectionism that may impede progress. 

4. You like to challenge yourself

Natural problem solvers continuously upgrade themselves by learning new skills, hobbies, and courses, recognizing the importance of new experiences in self-improvement. 

5. You work well on your own

Natural problem solvers view difficulty as an opportunity for growth and can work independently to focus on important details without needing external motivation or instruction. 

6. You know how to set boundaries

Setting boundaries to ensure full concentration on tasks is an important skill and part of being a problem solver, detecting problems before they arise. 

7. You don’t get stressed easily

Managing emotions well, natural problem solvers focus on important tasks and prioritize them, avoiding stress and worrying only when necessary. 

8. You know how to slow down

Natural problem solvers know when to slow down, strike a balance, and prioritize self-care activities like going to a spa or taking a nap to refresh and avoid pushing themselves too hard. 

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