8 signs you’re in a healthy relationship


1. Mutual respect is mandatory

Mutual respect is the cornerstone of a relationship, requiring consistent effort to treat each other thoughtfully, courteously, and with genuine consideration for opinions, wishes, and values.

2. You both believe that trust is paramount

Lack of trust can sabotage relationships from the start, as trust provides the motivation and positive energy necessary to support a healthy relationship, where respect and honesty align between partners.

3. You bring out the best in each other 

Being in a healthy relationship means bringing out the best in each other, supporting one another's confidence and growth, while also fostering self-love, as it requires being true to oneself and addressing any underlying concerns or disconnections that may arise.

4. You both have different interests 

A healthy relationship values independence and recognizes the importance of having individual interests alongside shared ones, as excessive togetherness can be overwhelming and hinder personal growth and balance in the romantic experience.

5. You are grateful for small, everyday genuine gestures

Consistent small gestures of love, such as acts of kindness, compassion, appreciation, displays of affection, sweet rituals, and daily check-ins, have a greater impact on a relationship than grandiose declarations, as they build tenderness, emotional connection, and happiness between partners according to research.

6. You don’t feel a need to post your relationship to social media 

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian believes that the key to relationship success with his wife Serena Williams lies in small, unpublicized everyday gestures and prioritizing quality time together by putting away phones and computers.

7. You both feel that compromise is a cornerstone to the commitment 

Compromising in a relationship fosters respect, empathy, and understanding, while also strengthening the bond between partners, as it allows for shared responsibilities, accommodating each other's preferences, and establishing clear financial agreements.

8. You’re both not afraid to speak up and say what’s on your mind 

Open and non-judgmental communication is essential in a healthy relationship, enabling both partners to freely express their thoughts, make decisions together, provide support, and use key phrases like "no," "you're wrong," "I don't like that," "I need you to just shut up and listen," "I'm scared," and "I don't know what I want" without fear, fostering deeper understanding, connection, and vulnerability between them.

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