8 signs your life is actually more awesome than you realize


1. You have good friends who you can message anytime and rely on for help

Good friends provide emotional support, happiness, and stress reduction, making them valuable in life; if you have a lasting friendship group, treasure it and show appreciation.

2. You have a stable job with good career prospects

Ideally, having a job you enjoy working from 9-5, Monday to Friday, is desirable, but even if your current job falls short of your dream position, having stability, good prospects, and a consistent income to support your basic needs, hobbies, and social life is a valuable aspect of life; furthermore, the ability to quit and pursue a new industry is a liberating and exciting opportunity.

3. You can plan things to look forward to (even if you never do them)

Planning enjoyable activities, whether alone or with others, and having something to look forward to, is a great way to enhance daily life and find happiness.

4. You can vacation at least once a year

Booking a vacation and taking a break from work, whether with loved ones or solo, offers a cherished opportunity to explore, unwind, and create lasting memories, even if it's a budget-friendly trip.

5. You can go to sleep any time you like

As an adult, you have the freedom to decide your bedtime, allowing you to go to sleep as early as 7pm or as late as 3am, based on your tiredness or personal preferences, which is a liberating and wonderful aspect of being a grown-up.

6. You can go outside or open a window anytime to get some fresh air

Having the ability to open a window for fresh air while working remotely, in an office with windows, or as a bus driver is a luxury that may be taken for granted, but for those who have experienced long hours indoors without sunlight or fresh air, it is truly appreciated as a wonderful and rejuvenating experience.

7. You can walk to work in the mornings

Fresh morning air is beneficial for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, as it can naturally energize and improve focus and productivity, making walking to work in the fresh air, even if only part of the journey, a valuable and potentially underrated aspect of a fulfilling life.

8. You can work remotely from time to time

Despite the prevalence of remote working, many people still lack the luxury of working from home, but when you appreciate the upsides, such as the flexibility to wake up early for a gym class, enjoy home-cooked meals, run errands, take naps, and engage in various activities throughout the day, you'll realize the abundance of possibilities and how truly awesome working from home can be.

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