8 SIGNS you lack of self awareness in your relationships


1. Play the victim card

If you find yourself regularly feeling like a victim, it could be a sign that you might like self-awareness, and people who realize they’re not consistently the victim show high levels of self-awareness. 

2. You find it hard to apologize

.Having the ability to apologize sincerely and take responsibility for your actions is a sign of self-awareness, and lacking the ability to do so may indicate a lack of self-awareness.  

3. You can create a lot of drama

Creating drama and frequently starting conflicts may indicate a lack of self-awareness, and to improve one's self-awareness, it's suggested to list recent dramas and be honest about one's role in those situations. 

4. You talk too much

Talking too much may indicate a lack of self-awareness, but it's subjective, and being self-aware means being mindful of the impact your actions have on others and actively listening to others in conversations. 

5. You have a fixed mindset

A fixed mindset indicates a lack of self-awareness, as it limits understanding of different perspectives, but developing self-awareness can be achieved by connecting with others' views. 

6. You get defensive when you get feedback

People lacking self-awareness struggle with feedback and can't see their faults, which prevents them from learning and growing, whereas self-aware people can take feedback, thank the giver and grow from the experience. 

7. Your habits make you feel bad

We live in a culture of distractions, and lacking self-awareness can prevent us from realizing how our habits and behaviors affect us, as demonstrated by the author's experience with alcohol. 

8. You struggle to be successful

Lacking self-awareness and being stuck in your ways may hinder achieving success, but taking an honest look at your approach and values can redirect your efforts and help find growth in situations. 

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