7 things emotionally intelligent people do differently in relationships


1. Their first response is to understand and empathize with their partner

Emotional intelligence involves empathy, understanding, and validation of partner's feelings, even when not shared. 

2. They practice self-awareness

Self-awareness is key in relationships as it helps emotionally intelligent individuals understand themselves and their partner's emotions for effective communication and problem-solving. 

3. They argue with their partners in a healthy way

Emotionally intelligent individuals address conflicts in relationships by fighting fair, seeing conflicts as opportunities to grow closer, actively listening, staying calm, and forgiving and repairing. 

4. They take responsibility for their actions

Emotionally intelligent people value accountability and take responsibility for their actions and decisions, reflecting on their role in conflicts and avoiding blaming their partners. 

5. They set healthy boundaries

Emotionally intelligent people set healthy boundaries, communicate their limits clearly, and respect their partner's boundaries, resulting in stronger relationships.  

6. They maintain an open mind and heart

Emotionally intelligent individuals are committed to improving themselves and their relationships, seeking new perspectives and ideas, and supporting their partner's growth and goals. 

7. They love themselves (and their partners) better

Emotionally intelligent people manage their emotions by respecting and being compassionate with themselves, knowing themselves deeply, and avoiding behaviors that escalate conflicts to maintain a healthy relationship. 

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