8 habits to adopt to become a little wiser every day


1. Read, read, and read some more!

Books and various digital mediums offer knowledge and wisdom, so by reading this article, you're already on your way to becoming wiser, and making a daily habit of reading, even a few pages, will enhance your wisdom further.

2. Swap mindless scrolling for meaningful content

By unfollowing accounts that didn't add value to my life and keeping a balance between informative and entertaining content, I transformed social media into a habit that not only provides fun but also helps me learn something interesting and become a little wiser each day.

3. Stay curious and ask questions

Embracing curiosity as an attitude throughout the day and being open to asking questions about various topics became a habit that contributes to becoming wiser every day, allowing for newfound wonder about mundane things and seeking knowledge on unfamiliar subjects.

4. Take some time to think

A habit for gaining wisdom involves taking time alone to think and let your mind wander, as it allows for processing information and discovering new insights, while also emphasizing the importance of rest and relaxation for mental rejuvenation.

5. Have meaningful conversations

Meaningful conversations that leave you inspired, enlightened, or challenged are key to gaining wisdom, and while they may not happen often, being open to them and actively listening to others' perspectives, even when you disagree, can lead to fascinating insights and personal growth, as I experienced during an unexpected conversation at the airport.

6. Share what you already know

To become wiser every day, share your wisdom with others through conversations or various mediums like blogs, podcasts, videos, or social media, as teaching others helps you learn, uncover new insights, and adapt your explanations to different individuals' needs.

7. Cultivate self-awareness

Truly wise individuals start by cultivating self-awareness, which involves understanding one's thoughts, emotions, and actions, making better choices, and facing life's challenges with clarity, achieved through daily check-ins, mindfulness, non-judgmental awareness, and constructive journaling for reflection and learning.

8. Play devil’s advocate

To become wiser every day, engaging in self-reflection by playing devil's advocate with your own thoughts and learning can broaden your perspective and open your mind to unique, unpopular, or controversial opinions, allowing you to think outside the box and be receptive to new knowledge.

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