7 ways to command respect without saying a word


1. Stand up straight

Starting with the obvious, good posture, exemplified by respected figures, not only conveys confidence but also improves self-assurance and is widely endorsed, as emphasized by psychologist Jordan Peterson's rule "Stand up straight with your shoulders back."

2. Make eye contact (but not too much)

Consider the impact of someone avoiding eye contact with you, highlighting that deliberate eye contact communicates confidence, interest, and value, enhancing respect in interactions and even increasing resistance to persuasion, though it's important to strike a balance and avoid excessive staring.

3. Give a firm handshake

Would you trust someone with a limp handshake? A firm grip, along with eye contact and a friendly smile, conveys confidence and sets a positive tone for interactions, supported by research linking firm handshakes to extroversion and confidence, though it's important to strike a balance between assurance and aggression, and this aspect of non-verbal communication should not be overlooked in today's context.

4. Dress for the occasion

Our image significantly influences assumptions about our competence and professionalism, and dressing appropriately, in well-fitting, clean, and environment-appropriate attire, not only shows self-respect but also impacts our self-image and confidence, aligning with accepted norms while maintaining quality in our appearance is key.

5. Be on time

Being punctual is not only a measure of timekeeping but also a non-verbal commitment to reliability and respect, reflecting your value for others' time and demonstrating a crucial attribute in personal and professional contexts.

6. Leave your phone in your pocket

Constantly checking our devices during conversations signals distractedness and a lack of control, undermining respect and engagement with others, so it's essential to resist the urge and maintain focused, attentive interactions to foster mutual appreciation.

7. Take care of your grooming

Visualize a successful, respected individual's appearance, and you'll likely picture someone with well-groomed hair, clean nails, and good personal hygiene, as these traits convey self-respect and respect for others, emphasizing the importance of a grooming routine that enhances your professional and personal image without going to extremes.

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