1. They always ask why

Observant people seek to understand how everything works, driving them to explore the world for new knowledge, insights, and experiences. 

2. You're excellent listeners

Observant individuals prefer listening over talking, paying attention to body language and tone to gain insights and build relationships, thereby broadening their knowledge. 

3. They notice patterns

Observant individuals view life as a collection of patterns and have the ability to notice patterns that most people miss, enabling them to understand the world better, make better decisions and learn from past experiences. 

4. They can read emotions

Observant individuals can read emotions effectively, build lasting relationships, and use emotions as a valuable tool for communication. 

5. They are critical thinkers

Highly observant individuals use sharp critical thinking skills to uncover underlying causes of complex problems and find effective solutions that positively impact others. 

6. They're avid people-watchers

Observant individuals love people-watching, as it helps them gain insights into human behavior and develop a deeper understanding of the world by identifying patterns in behavior and picking up on subtle cues. 

7. They don't quickly judge others

Highly observant individuals approach interactions with an open mind, take time to understand people before forming opinions, and avoid quick judgments based on superficial qualities. 

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