7 simple ways to be a more feminine woman


1. Practice self-care that makes you feel good

Engaging in self-care rituals, from enjoying baths to enhancing your appearance, brings me closer to my female identity and body, a practice that anyone can partake in for a deeper connection to self.

2. Dress for a feminine silhouette in colors that make you feel “girly”

Fashion varies with individual body shapes, yet certain outfits flatter feminine silhouettes; to embrace greater femininity, explore your body shape, discover your style through fittings or measurements, and don apparel like flowy dresses, accessories, and various color palettes that amplify your sense of womanhood.

3. Accept help sometimes (even if you can do it yourself)

Allow your partner to occasionally pamper and assist you, appreciating their desire to care for you, which doesn't diminish your independence but fosters a sense of connection and fulfillment for them, similar to when people enjoy the cupcakes you bring.

4. Accept compliments that lift you up

Accept compliments graciously, acknowledging the positivity they bring, but discerningly, ensuring they align with genuine appreciation rather than insincere remarks.

5. Experiment with “feminine” hairstyle

Enhance femininity by experimenting with various hairstyles, exploring endless possibilities that cater to your preference and make you feel confident and feminine.

6. Spend more time with women

Embrace your femininity by cherishing the unique camaraderie of female friendships, as spending time with your girlfriends offers support, empathy, and a sense of shared experiences that can enhance your feeling of being feminine.

7. Cultivate and embrace your own hobbies and interests

Embrace your individuality and femininity by pursuing your own hobbies and interests that bring you joy, disregarding traditional stereotypes, and finding activities that make you feel like a empowered and unique woman.

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