7 signs you’re ready for a major career shift (even if you’re scared)


1. You’re filled with dread about Monday morning

Facing the prospect of returning to work on Monday mornings like battling a dragon, my friend, a former graphic designer who once loved her job, ultimately sought change by quitting and exploring new career possibilities outside her field after creative challenges became mundane and her skills were wasted.

2. Work has started to impact your health

Recognizing the toll my desk-bound job was taking on my health, I decided to reprioritize and put my well-being first, which led to positive changes in my life.

3. There are few opportunities for growth in your current role

If your job lacks opportunities for growth and advancement, as my aunt experienced in her stagnant call center role, it's a clear sign to consider exploring new avenues or starting your own business.

4. You don’t have work-life balance anymore

If your work disrupts your personal life, jeopardizing your well-being and relationships, consider it a wake-up call to explore new career options that allow for a healthier work-life balance.

5. Your personal values have changed significantly 

When your job conflicts with your evolving values, like my brother's corporate role clashing with his sustainability and community-focused values, it's a clear indication to consider a career change that aligns with your core beliefs.

6. One of your side hustles has taken off

Sometimes, a side hustle gaining traction and fulfilling you can be a sign to consider shifting your career in that direction, even starting small on platforms like Etsy or eBay, as it may eventually overshadow your regular nine-to-five, showcasing untapped talents.

7. Your industry is in turmoil or in decline

When your industry faces challenges like layoffs and declining prospects, as I did when print journalism declined due to digital media, it's wise to seek opportunities in more stable fields where your skills can thrive, such as copywriting, digital marketing, or SEO, allowing you to continue pursuing your passion for writing.

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