7 signs you’re only in a relationship because you’re afraid of being single

BY Justin brown

1. You value the relationship over your own happiness

When evaluating your relationship, pause to ask if it truly brings you happiness or if you're staying out of fear, as too often people prioritize being in a relationship over their own well-being, compromising their needs and personal growth.

2. Other people’s relationships seem more attractive

Consistently idealizing other relationships might signal deeper issues, as it's essential not to constantly compare your partnership to others and instead focus on creating a relationship perfect for you, possibly avoiding staying in a relationship due to fear and hindering your chances of finding a more fulfilling one.

3. You’re afraid of the unknown

The fear of the unknown should not be the reason you stay in a relationship, as being single can be a time of growth and self-discovery, and letting fear dictate your relationship status can compromise your happiness.

4. You’re more invested in the idea of a relationship than your actual relationship

Constantly daydreaming about an idealized relationship rather than appreciating and working on your current one can lead to dissatisfaction, unmet expectations, and disappointment, potentially indicating a fear of being single rather than genuine commitment to your partner.

5. You feel relieved when your partner is away

Experiencing relief when your partner is away could indicate that your relationship has become more of an obligation than a source of joy and companionship, raising questions about whether you're genuinely happy or simply afraid of being single.

6. You often find yourself making excuses for your relationship

Cognitive dissonance can lead to making excuses for an unfulfilling relationship, indicating a fear of being single rather than genuine commitment, so confronting this fear may be the first step toward finding true happiness in a relationship.

7. You’re happy, but not fulfilled

Feeling happy but unfulfilled in a relationship could signal a fear of being single, and it's important to prioritize fulfillment over fear for the potential of a more satisfying relationship or personal growth while single.

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