7 signs you’re not taking care of yourself


1. You’re binging on Baskin Robbins, barbecue chips, and the like

During the pandemic, I started as a domestic goddess, baking and cooking, but as time went on, it became difficult to balance home duties with work, leading to a shift towards ordering in and relying on sugary snacks, highlighting how our food habits reflect our self-care, with poor nutrition negatively impacting our well-being and lifestyle.

2. Brain fog is becoming a burden 

A poor diet and lack of sleep can cause brain fog, with nutrient deficiencies and inadequate rest being potential factors, while brain fog shouldn't be solely attributed to aging but may indicate underlying health issues, underscoring the need to prioritize one's health and consult a healthcare provider for evaluation.

3. Mood swings have become a thing 

Neglecting self-care can heighten irritability in adults, as stated by personal growth writer James Killian, highlighting the need to examine habits like reliance on sugar, caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol, which can worsen mood fluctuations, emphasizing the importance of addressing these dependencies as part of self-care, and recommending medical consultation if there are concerns about underlying issues.

4. You can’t quite exit out of that “empty” feeling 

Neglecting self-care and prioritizing others can contribute to an enduring empty feeling, which can be alleviated by embracing the present, discovering purpose through actions, and addressing anxiety, guilt, and shame associated with neglecting personal needs, according to therapist Kaitlyn Slight and Ideapod's Purpose MasterClass.

5. Those luxurious locks of hair don’t feel so luxurious anymore 

Neglecting self-care can lead to dry, shedding hair, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing physical and mental well-being, listening to your body's needs, seeking medical advice, managing stress, and setting boundaries.

6. You’re living in your own world

Balancing alone time and social connection is important, as cutting yourself off from the world due to feelings of unworthiness can lead to detachment, isolation, and a sense of loneliness, indicating the need to reassess and prioritize self-care, according to Killian.

7. It’s gotta be five o’clock somewhere… 

Excessive alcohol consumption as a means to cope with stress or seek relaxation may indicate an unhealthy reliance, suggesting the need to explore alternative stress management methods like taking a bath, going for a walk, or enjoying a cup of soothing lemongrass tea, according to health experts.

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