7 signs you’re experiencing a midlife awakening, not a crisis

BY tina fey

1. You’re questioning everything

If you're questioning the status quo and reevaluating your life, it's not a crisis but a sign of an awakening, as it signifies a deeper understanding of your desires and the potential for growth and self-discovery.

2. You’re embracing uncertainty

One of the signs of a midlife awakening is finding comfort in uncertainty, which, although it may seem like a crisis to some, indicates personal growth and the potential for exploration and self-discovery.

3. You’re experiencing heightened empathy

An unexpected revelation in my journey was the intensification of empathy for others' experiences and emotions, a natural part of my awakening, which, if experienced, should be embraced as a sign of midlife awakening, not a crisis, leading to a deeper understanding of life's nature.

4. You’re becoming more patient with life

During a midlife awakening, a change in the relationship with time, marked by increased patience with life's pace, is often overlooked but signifies a profound shift toward savoring the present and embracing personal growth and self-discovery.

5. You’re rediscovering old passions

Rediscovering old passions and hobbies during my midlife awakening added a new dimension to my life, bringing fulfillment and joy without the need for drastic changes, and if you experience a similar rekindling of interests, it's likely part of your own midlife awakening journey.

6. You’re seeking authenticity

This article is about the concept of authenticity and its significance during a midlife awakening, highlighting the shift in priorities towards aligning one's life with true values and desires for improved well-being and happiness.

7. You’re comfortable with solitude

During a midlife awakening, seeking and finding comfort in solitude offers moments of reflection and self-discovery, allowing for clarity about desires and personal growth, despite a world that values constant engagement.

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