7 signs people find your high intelligence quite intimidating


1. They always get argumentative with you 

Jealous or threatened individuals may become argumentative, often playing devil's advocate, countering your ideas, and becoming defensive as they fear being exposed by your intelligence.

2. The can get quite condescending 

I've had a co-worker who constantly played devil's advocate when discussing news topics, and while I'm open to different perspectives, her condescending tone made it difficult to consider her points; condescending people often struggle to appreciate others' perspectives, resorting to dismissive or belittling comments to assert their intellectual superiority, as noted by Abundance No Limits.

3. They never ask you engaging questions or ask you to elaborate on anything  

Sharing your unexpected achievement with acquaintances at a party, only to receive a lukewarm response and quick topic change, can be deflating, as significant success and accomplishments can intimidate others, making them feel inadequate or overwhelmed, as mentioned by the team at Times of India.

4. You can tell that they’re tuning you out have the time 

When someone feels threatened by your intelligence, they may openly tune you out, exhibiting behaviors like checking their phone, looking away, or making distracting gestures that convey their disinterest in the conversation.

5. They also don’t like to look you in the eyes

When someone is threatened by your intelligence, they may struggle to maintain eye contact during the conversation, potentially due to feelings of inadequacy, embarrassment, or unease, as noted by clinical psychologist Sharon Saline, PsyD.

6. Or they might just avoid you altogether 

If your friends are consistently unresponsive or brief in their communication, they might be intimidated by your intelligence and hold elitist views, perceiving you as out of their league and arrogant, driven by their envy rather than any intentional indication on your part.

7. Their body language says it all

When someone feels intimidated by your intelligence, they may subtly turn their body away from you, indicating their discomfort and desire to disengage from the conversation, as explained by Saline.

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