7 major red flags to look for when choosing your life partner


1. Beware of being “love bombed” 

Be cautious of someone who showers you with attention and affection from the start, as it may be a manipulative tactic to create attachment, and it's important to consider disengaging if these signs are present. 

2. The “J” word is jeopardizing the relationship 

If your partner's jealousy is becoming a prominent issue in your relationship, especially if it repeatedly manifests in petty situations, it's crucial to consider it a serious flaw and contemplate leaving before it worsens. 

3. They don’t seem capable of compromise 

When your partner consistently disregards your desires, even in seemingly small matters like choosing a travel destination, it's important to reflect on whether this is the path you want for your relationship, as giving in on the little things may lead to sacrificing your own identity and preferences in the bigger aspects of life. 

4. You don’t feel like you can fully trust them

Building trust is essential in the early stages of a relationship, and if your partner frequently engages in online flirting, guards their phone obsessively, and withholds important information, it may be wise to consider ending the relationship due to a lack of trust. 

5. Unreliability is a routine issue 

Despite being deeply attracted to someone, it's important not to overlook ongoing patterns of behavior such as chronic lateness or frequent last-minute cancellations, as these are red flags that can cause anxiety and it may be necessary to move on from the relationship. 

6. Disrespect isn’t something you should dismiss 

Early signs of disrespect, such as name-calling or yelling, can escalate into patterns of verbal abuse, and if they disregard your boundaries, it's important to draw the line and consider it a deal breaker in the relationship. 

7. They’re flippant about meeting your friends and family 

If after several months they continue to avoid or delay introducing you to their friends and family, it may be time to evaluate if the relationship is worth pursuing, as their actions suggest they may not be as invested in the future as you are. 

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