7 clear-cut signs you’re just an option, not his priority


1. He makes last-minute plans with you

Frequent last-minute plans and spontaneous invitations could indicate that you are an afterthought to him, especially if combined with other concerning behavior.

2. When he does invite you out, it’s often midweek 

If the man in your life consistently invites you out only on weekdays, it could be a red flag indicating that you may not hold a high priority in his life compared to other activities and events that typically occur on weekends.

3. He often bails on you at short notice

Frequent last-minute cancellations and prioritizing work over plans with you indicate that you may not hold much significance in his life, as a man genuinely interested in a woman would make her a priority.

4. He is often ‘busy’ with work

If he frequently uses work as an excuse for not being able to spend time with you, it's a clear indication that you are not high on his priority list, as even with a busy schedule, someone who values you would make an effort to find time for you.

5. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends or family 

Introducing you to his friends is a significant indicator of your importance to him, as a man who sees a future with you would want to ensure compatibility and make life easier by fostering positive connections, so if you've been dating for a while and haven't met any of his friends, it suggests he may not consider the relationship as long-term.

6. His friends don’t even know about you 

If you have run into his closer friends while on a date and they seemed completely unaware of your existence, it's a significant red flag indicating that he doesn't consider you worth mentioning and hasn't discussed you with his inner circle, although lack of mention among work colleagues may not be as concerning as they tend to keep their work and private lives separate.

7. He avoids making future commitments

If he consistently avoids discussing future plans or committing to events several months ahead, it's a red flag indicating his lack of confidence in the longevity of your relationship.

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