6 things highly anxious people do to their friends and partners without realizing it


1. Stress them out too

Anxiety, like the flu, can be contagious and emotionally taxing, as partners can inadvertently "catch" each other's stress, leading to escalated arguments and strained communication.

2. Undermine them

Being a worrier, I'm highly organized and attentive to details, but my obsession with them can sometimes lead me to repeatedly check on tasks and ask if they've been completed, which can make others feel incompetent and undermine their capabilities.

3. Be a bit controlling

The desire for control, often driven by anxiety, can lead to micromanagement and difficulties in relinquishing control in relationships, causing an imbalance of power, lack of trust, and jealousy issues.

4. Make honest communication harder

I only share the highlights with my anxious mom because her tendency to take on my stress makes honest communication difficult and can lead to secrecy and misunderstandings.

5. Become overdependent on them

Anxiety can lead individuals to seek reassurance and validation from their loved ones, potentially making them appear clingy or needy and causing over-dependence that burdens their relationships and impacts their loved ones' emotional well-being.

6. Neglect them

Anxiety can lead to different coping mechanisms, including over-reliance or withdrawal, which may leave loved ones feeling disappointed, neglected, and unheard due to the emotional toll it takes on the anxious individual.

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