6 subtle signs you’re being guilt-tripped, according to psychology


1. You always get the blame for things that aren’t your fault

Being unfairly blamed for something out of your control, like forgetting a passport, and feeling pressured to make amends can indicate someone is guilt-tripping you, a manipulation tactic often paired with other signs.

2. They play the victim in every situation

Recognizing when someone consistently plays the victim, like implying you value your job more than them, can help you identify guilt-tripping behavior aimed at manipulating your emotions.

3. They compare you to others

Constantly being compared to others, especially in a negative light, is a clear indication of guilt-tripping, aimed at manipulating you into conforming to someone else's expectations.

4. They give you the silent treatment and refuse to tell you why

Having experienced manipulative tactics from a friend, who relied on guilt trips and passive-aggressive behavior, taught me the importance of recognizing and not succumbing to such methods, especially when met with silent treatment and unclear accusations.

5. They make their love or attention conditional

Conditional love, where affection is withdrawn as punishment for not meeting expectations, is a clear sign of guilt-tripping, as genuine relationships don't use affection as a bargaining chip to manipulate behavior.

6. They constantly bring up your past mistakes

Feeling like past mistakes are constantly brought up in every disagreement can indicate a manipulative tactic aimed at making you feel guilty for actions you've already apologized for and moved on from.

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