6 signs you’ve mastered the art of not needing to always be liked


1. You’re selective with your social life

As we grow, we become more selective with our social commitments, choosing activities aligned with our genuine interests and energy levels rather than seeking approval, letting go of the need to fit in.

2. You can unapologetically express yourself 

When we stop seeking approval and start expressing ourselves authentically, we become more confident in our opinions and ideas, even if they may upset some, as Winston Churchill's quote suggests, "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."

3. You’re mindful of boundaries

By shedding the need to be liked, you not only experience a sense of freedom but also become adept at setting firm boundaries and confidently saying "no" when necessary, prioritizing your well-being in both personal and professional situations.

4. You take constructive criticism gracefully

Shedding the need for universal approval allows us to view criticism as an opportunity for personal growth and improvement, recognizing that making mistakes is a part of being human and focusing on our ability to bounce back.

5. You’re content with being unpopular 

Growing often involves losing some friends, as authenticity and inner principles like integrity and compassion become more important than seeking constant approval from the crowd.

6. You celebrate diversity of thought 

Unlike those who seek constant approval, you value authenticity and embrace dialogue and differences of opinion, taking inspiration from figures like Anthony Bourdain who prioritized promoting diversity and empathy over the empty goal of being universally liked, even if it made him a divisive figure.

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