5 ways men try to compensate for their low self-esteem


1. They obsess over their physical appearance (especially muscle)

Consider the scenario of a man obsessively focused on his physical appearance and fitness, which, while promoting overall health, can also indicate deeper self-esteem issues tied to external validation and social comparison.

2. They become excessively competitive 

Encountered individuals who turn everything into a competition? This competitive drive in men, often rooted in low self-esteem, can serve as a means to affirm their self-worth, as supported by research.

3. They become workaholic

Have you experienced a date with a work-obsessed man or find yourself perpetually engrossed in your career? Such unceasing dedication can often serve as a disguise for underlying insecurities, supported by studies linking low self-esteem to workaholism.

4. They make flashy displays of wealth

On social media, young men flaunting luxury items like supercars and Rolex watches often use materialism to compensate for low self-esteem, according to research, prompting a reflection on the authenticity of their success and a reminder for women to look beyond material wealth.

5. They over-assert their opinion 

Encountering individuals who consistently assert their opinions, regardless of context or others' views, can be challenging, but this behavior may be a way for men to mask their low self-esteem by striving for intellectual or moral superiority.

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