5 signs you’re incredibly attuned to the emotions of others


1. You are an emotionally-engaged listener

Active listening means fully engaging your senses, avoiding interruptions, and refraining from pre-planning responses to understand the speaker's emotions, a skill therapists employ in their practice.

2. You don’t probe with “prosecutorial” questions 

People highly attuned to others' emotions often ask empathetic questions based on their intuition level, according to Rick Hanson, PhD, who suggests that emotionally-attuned questions should be respectful and not mixed with asserting one's own views or needs.

3. You actually absorb their emotions like an “empath”

If you can actively listen and absorb the emotions of others, you may be an empath, defined as someone highly attuned to others' energies and emotions, but it's crucial to establish boundaries to protect your emotional well-being, as empaths often attract people's problems and can be vulnerable to manipulation and toxic behaviors, according to Crystal Raypole of Healthline.

4. You also pick up on what they’re not saying 

Understanding body language, such as hand movements, posture, and facial expressions, is essential for interpreting emotions and intentions, particularly in journalism, where it adds nuance to interviews and helps read between the lines.

5. Being in tune with your own intuition helps you gain emotional insight from others 

Those attuned to others' emotions tap into their intuition by opening up to their own gut feelings, empathetically placing themselves in the other person's shoes and considering their thoughts, memories, expectations, needs, and intentions to form instinctive, emotionally-educated observations while also using their instincts to navigate appropriate questions, according to Hanson.

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