5 signs you’re developing into a more confident person, according to psychology


1. You no longer fret over what other people are doing

Shifting focus from comparing oneself to others, as advocated by experts like Amy Morin and Jordan Peterson, signals growing confidence, particularly noticeable amid the constant exposure to others' highlight reels on social media.

2. You’re comfortable saying ‘No’

Gaining confidence often translates to feeling more comfortable saying "no," a crucial aspect of self-esteem and personal growth as advocated by therapist John Kim, with increased instances of declining requests or opportunities that don't align with personal values signaling a strengthening confidence.

3. You have been stepping out of your comfort zone more and more

Stepping out of your comfort zone, as advocated by self-development writer Dale Carnegie and supported by modern psychology experts like Amy Morin and Lena Suarez-Angelino, reflects a growing confidence in your abilities and is a sure sign of personal growth.

4. You no longer beat yourself up for being less than perfect

Moving away from perfectionism and embracing a balanced perspective on personal growth, as advocated by experts like Kendra Cherry, signals increasing confidence, evidenced by a forgiving approach to one's mistakes and a focus on utilizing strengths while addressing weaknesses constructively.

5. You aren’t afraid of failure, or at least, you are less afraid of it

Viewing setbacks as opportunities for growth, as emphasized by Dr. Allison E. McWilliams, signifies a significant leap in self-confidence, indicating an evolving relationship with failure among those developing into more confident individuals.

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