5 signs someone is highly accomplished (even when they’re too humble to say so)


1. They have a passion that gives them purpose 

Accomplished people wake up driven by lifelong passions, like actress Alia Bhatt, who never wavered in her desire to be in the entertainment industry from a young age, as noted by Shachar Pan from Light Liz.

2. They channel that ambition into action

Accomplished individuals don't just talk about their goals; they take action, like American novelist Karen Robards, who, despite challenges, turned her graduate class project into a successful writing career, illustrating the importance of putting passion into action.

3. They have a strong sense of self-discipline 

Self-discipline is a fundamental trait for accomplished individuals, as exemplified by Karen Robards' dedication to writing in her spare moments, and it's a key factor emphasized by lifestyle coach Brian Tracy, highlighting that successful people maintain discipline in their pursuits while avoiding procrastination and wishful thinking.

4. They’re cognizant of the company they keep

Accomplished individuals intentionally select their social circles, surrounding themselves with quality, successful people, as it significantly influences their own success, as emphasized by Jojo Gellar and Matthew Royse.

5. Their reputation precedes them—in a positive way

Accomplished people's achievements speak for themselves, as seen in my grandfather's inspiring journey from India to the UK, which fuels my passion for journalism and a sense of accomplishment.

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