5 signs a manipulative person is plotting to double cross you


1. They pump you for information so that they can use it to deflate you 

A person preparing to double cross you will strategically work to make you vulnerable by appearing genuinely interested in getting to know you better, disarming you gradually, and then undermining your self-confidence through tactics like negging, focusing on flaws, and distorting the truth, all to gain power over you.

2. They’re a “BFF” to your face but badmouth you behind your back

If someone is spreading negative rumors about you, they may be trying to turn people against you, leveraging bad-mouthing as a strategy to gain social power, which is often effective due to their confidence and arrogance in these tactics.

3. They incessantly infect your life with drama

Manipulators are skilled at distorting reality with lies and exaggerations to create the desired emotional environment for their double-crossing plans, using tactics like crying, denying, deflecting, blaming, becoming indignant, and intellectual bullying to confuse and control you, according to Timothy J. Legg, PhD.

4. They don’t bother respecting your boundaries 

A manipulator will continuously push for more control unless you establish and enforce clear personal boundaries, as they may expect leniency due to their belief that they're your true friend looking out for you, according to Davenport and Martin.

5. You get a bad feeling whenever you’re around them 

If you consistently have a negative gut feeling around a manipulator, it's likely your intuition warning you not to trust them, and it's crucial to heed this inner wisdom, even if things seem fine on the surface, as psychologist Mert Şeker explains.

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