5 reasons you had a spiritual awakening, even if you aren’t spiritual  

BY Tina Fey

What makes someone ‘spiritual’?

To be in touch with spirituality means cultivating a connection to something greater than yourself, whether that be a higher power, a higher consciousness, or the divine energy of the universe.

1. The universe wants you to discover inner peace

Sometimes, the universe wakes you up with a life-altering event that can shake your entire existence.

2. The universe wants you to open up to new perspective

It can be from any pivotal and significant event, like moving to a new place or pursuing a new career.

3. The universe wants you to see the interconnectedness of all thing

Aside from opening yourself up to new perspectives, you can also gain a new understanding of how the universe works.

4. The universe wants you to know the power of love and compassion

But if it’s not oneness with the universe, maybe a different lesson is upon you when you have a spiritual awakening.

5. The universe wants you to discover your purpose

For some, this loss can be a spiritual awakening and the beginning of a journey in search of their higher self.

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