5 little-known psychological tricks to be a much better communicator


1. Tell stories

The power of storytelling in both business and everyday communication cannot be underestimated, as it has the ability to captivate, emotionally connect, and persuade, making it an essential skill for better communication.

2. Pay attention to your pitch 

You can come across as more confident and authoritative in your communication by using a lower pitch when finishing your sentences, a psychological trick that can be highly effective.

3. Embrace the power of pausing

Whatever your biggest communication challenge may be, incorporating intentional pauses into your speech can have three significant benefits: emphasizing key points, allowing listeners to process information more effectively, and reducing the use of filler words, making you a more engaging communicator.

4. Vary your pace

Did you know that Daniel Radcliffe's party piece is singing "The Elements Song" incredibly fast, underscoring the importance of varying your speech pace to enhance your communication skills, a valuable skill that can be cultivated by anyone, not just leaders?

5. Don’t forget your body language

Consider the often-overlooked but highly impactful aspect of body language, which accounts for 55% of communication, and learn how to use it to become a more effective and intentional communicator.

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