5 daily habits of women who are in total control of their lives


1. They make a commitment to making themselves happy—every day 

Women in control of their lives don't depend on their partners for their happiness, value mutual growth and independence in relationships, and prioritize financial independence as advocated by Judge Judy.

2. They pursue their own passions and dreams day after day—and allow themselves to accept any accolade

One of my favorite recent films is "The Wife" (2017) starring Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce, where Joan Castleman reflects on the sacrifices she made for her husband's success, including ghostwriting his novels, shedding light on the persistence of sexism in the literary world and the importance of pursuing one's passions in life.

3. They make it a point to have some “me time” every day 

Women in control of their lives prioritize personal time for activities like meditation, reflection, and solitude, enabling them to explore their passions and interests without external pressures or judgments, as Kendra Cherry from Verywell Mind suggests.

4. They take their health and physical fitness seriously—every single day 

Women in control of their lives prioritize mindful eating and regular exercise to enhance their overall sense of control, recognizing the positive impact of self-care on their well-being, as exemplified by the character Sheila Rubin in the series "Physical."

5. They say “no” like there’s no tomorrow

Women in control maintain strong boundaries by frequently saying "no" to protect themselves from uncomfortable situations and individuals, as Lana Goes from Tiny Buddha suggests, helping them develop self-trust, self-respect, and confidence.

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