4 signs you’re an INTJ, the most introverted personality type


1. You get bored in jobs easily 

After escaping high school, I pursued a business degree in finance and economics, discovering my passion for learning, but eventually, the repetitive nature of finance jobs led me to teaching and then writing, seeking intellectual freedom and a stimulating career, which may resonate with fellow INTJs.

2. You prefer depth over breadth in relationships

If mingling and networking events make you cringe because you value meaningful, deep interactions over superficial ones and prefer a close-knit inner circle, you might be an INTJ.

3. You’d prefer to do it alone 

If you often find joy and fulfillment in self-contained problem-solving, relishing the eureka moments that come from relying on your analytical skills and prefer tackling intricate challenges solo, you may be an INTJ.

4. Your logic-first approach can ruffle feathers

For INTJs, logic is the primary lens through which they view the world, which can be advantageous in problem-solving but challenging in emotionally charged situations where their logical approach may be perceived as cold or detached, leading to a need for recalibration in some contexts.

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