4 signs your partner is secretly unhappy, according to psychology


1. They haven’t forgiven you for a mistake you made in the past

Retaliation is a common response when someone feels wronged, but researchers suggest that forgiveness, coupled with a partner's effort in the relationship, can help break this cycle and detect signs of unhappiness, as shown in a study involving nearly 1,000 participants.

2. They have stopped speaking up about their feelings 

Communication is crucial in romantic relationships, and if your partner avoids addressing issues or allows negative feelings to accumulate, it may indicate unhappiness, as delaying discussions can lead to resentment and arguments, as advised by Dr. Susan Albers-Bowling, PsyD, of Wooster Family Health Center.

3. They insist on playing the blame game

Blaming in relationships, where your partner avoids taking responsibility for problems and points fingers, can indicate unhappiness, as explained by Steven Stosny, Ph.D., who notes that a habit of blame can lead to anger and pain accumulation.

4. They get defensive

Frequent defensiveness in your partner during conversations may indicate unhappiness or unresolved issues in the relationship, as explained by Dr. John Gottman and his concept of 'The Four Horsemen,' which includes defensiveness among other destructive patterns.

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